Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's in your mailbox?

Here is what has come in my mail lately... as in the past four mail days!

And all of it was FREE!  

For those of you who have just started requesting freebies, let this be encouragement to you that it will come.  Some things take 4-6 weeks or more to come and when they do come, sometimes it's been so long ago you forgot you even signed up for it.  But, really, that just makes it even more fun to find in your mailbox... It's like Christmas all the time!  Some of you may be thinking, "Its just a little sample, not worth my time."  It may not be for some of you, but for me, its just another way to save my family money.  A lot of samples come with coupons and the samples themselves are just as good as the regular size to use at home, in your purse, on a trip or wherever.  In my opinion, that is worth the few seconds of my time to fill out my mailing info. 

A few suggestions when signing up for freebies:
*If you honestly would have no use for it or know no one else who would, don't sign up for it.  Companies only have a limited amount to giveaway and it would be a shame to take it away from someone who is actually interested.
*Create a separate email account.  Sometimes companies will put you on their mailing lists or send you junk emails, so it helps to have a separate account so it isn't clogging up your personal email.  There are a lot of free email companies out there now, so its pretty easy to do.
*Some people suggest getting some form of program to help you auto-fill your signups (www.roboform.com, etc...)  My anti-virus program actually has a feature that does it for me, so I haven't personally tried other programs myself, but I do hear good things.  In my experience with what I have, it is SO nice not to have to type your name and address over and over, but maybe I'm just being lazy because I'm used to it.  :)

Wondering where I signed up to get all of this?  Well, most of the items are no longer available, but here's where you can go to get some of it in your mailbox.

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